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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Tip! Arachnid Fun

"I'm just hangin' out waiting for flies!"

This is a great variation on my Arachnid Song (free song of the month for October, 2009. Here's a link to it.
I wrote this song as a round, but of course that doesn't work well with young children. So last year I tried something different, and it's been a real hit! Read the directions below, then go listen to the melody on my website. Sing each line of the song twice, having children echo you each time. Use a separate motion for each line, as noted below.

1.Arachnid (echo) Arachnid (echo)  slap thighs in rhythm
2.I'm a spider (echo) I'm a spider (echo) alternate claw hands on thighs, moving higher than slaps
3. I am not an insect (echo) I am not an insect (echo) nod head "no" while sliding open hands back and forth in front of body

Now... repeat the whole thing in a whisper, then one last time very loudly.
End by repeating "I am not an insect 3 times, getting softer and softer, and doing all 3 motions, ending with hands resting on thighs.

Young 3 year-olds are able to do this version because there is so much repetition, and the movements are simple. Older children love it because it takes on the feeling of a camp song

I like to read and sing Raffi's Spider on the Floor (available at most libraries), and do the limbo with my Limbo Under the  Spider's Web (another song of the month). The link is here: At this link, in addition to the song, you'll see links to other educational websites with information and activities about spiders.

Happy Arachnid-ing!

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